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Soundbar Bose tv speaker

The Bose TV Speaker is a small soundbar that clarifies speech and improves overall TV sound. Inside there are two full-range drivers angled to deliver wide, spatial sound, while the center tweeter specifically focuses on clarifying speech. And built-in Dolby decoding enhances the audio capabilities of your TV Speaker to deliver a more realistic and satisfying listening experience. Designed with simplicity in mind, a single connection to your TV has you up and running in no time. This connection can be either an optical audio cable (included) or an HDMI cable (sold separately). At just over 2″ (5 cm) tall, this TV Speaker is small enough to fit just about anywhere. Place it in front of your TV or mount it to the wall. Plus small LED lights on the front turn on and/or change color when certain features are enabled or when the volume is adjusted. The Bose TV Speaker also has HDMI-CEC, which allows the TV and soundbar to communicate when connected by an HDMI cable. So when you turn the TV on, the soundbar will automatically turn on too, and you can even continue using your current TV remote to control the volume of the soundbar. However, the Bose TV Speaker also has its own remote. On it, you can pair your Bluetooth device to wirelessly stream your favorite music or podcasts, enable Dialogue Mode to further elevate center vocals, or add a bass boost for some extra depth. And the Bose TV Speaker is Roku TV Ready certified. Meaning, it’s designed to work seamlessly with a Roku TV. When connected to a Roku TV via an HDMI cable, you’ll enjoy smooth, automatic setup, easy access to the TV Speaker sound settings in the Roku TV on-screen menu, and compatibility with the Roku TV remote. If you’re looking for even more bass or just want to expand your system, you can add a subwoofer for more theater-quality home theater sound.


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