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Far from being imaginary, the Samsung HT-D5500 Blu-ray Home Theater System is a real-world portal to the highest definition available and full-immersion surround sound at a surprisingly affordable price. Just add a high definition TV and some Blu-ray discs or DVDs and you'll have a complete private cinema that will provide you with many hours of viewing and listening pleasure. In addition to 720p, 1080i and 1080p high definition resolutions the HT-D5500 can upscale all of your current DVDs from 480i to 480p; resulting in a picture so good some of your friends may assume they're watching Blu-ray discs. And with one of your two HDMI ports, signals stay in pure digital form from your HT-D5500 to your HDTV.

Samsung certainly didn't cut any corners to make the HT-D5500 affordable. Its built-in amplifier and 5.1 speakers pump out 1000W of audio surround sound power. Your Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs will not only look great, they'll sound great too. One reason they'll sound so good is your HT-D5500 Crystal Amp Plus. It uses two internal signal filters to remove sound distortion and noise to provide you with crystal clear sound. That crystal clear sound can be enhanced by audio processors from Dolby and DTS. Most DVDs and Blu-ray discs today have sound tracks encoded in two or more of them. You can decide for yourself which ones you like best.

Another reason the HT-D5500 sounds so good is ASC. (Automatic Sound Calibration). Like more-expensive home theaters, this one can "fingerprint" your listening environment. No two rooms are alike. Curtains, chairs, lamps and other features of a room absorb and reflect sound in a crazy-quilt manner. Just place the included microphone at your listening position. Your HT-D5500 tunes the output of each speaker so the net result is that your room will sound more like an ideal audio studio. If you change the room arrangement or move the unit to another room altogether you can repeat the process in a snap. With the included wireless" rear speakers, you can even avoid running a tangle of wires from the receiver to your rear speakers.


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